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How to Connect to HR Works

Important Note

Before proceeding, ensure that you have the API administrator role assigned in HR Works. This role grants access to view HR Works API, allowing you to create and manage API credentials and configure their permissions effectively.

Creating API Credentials

To create API credentials for HR Works, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your HR Works account.

  2. Navigate to Basic Settings from the menu present in left.

    Select Basic Settings

  3. Select Integrations card under Basics.

    Select Integrations

  4. Find and click on HRworks-API card under Integrations.

    Select HR Works API

  5. Click on New Key Pair button to generate a new API key pair.

    Click on New Key Pair

  6. The key pair will be downloaded as a TXT file to your system.

  7. Retrieve your Access Key and Secret Access Key from the downloaded file.

  8. Copy and Store these credentials securely in your Vault for establishing the connection.

Managing API Key Access and Permissions

After generating the API key pair, you can manage its access and permissions. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your HR Works account with API administrator privileges.

  2. Navigate to the section for managing API keys by following Creating API Credentials till Step 4.

  3. Locate the API key you generated.

  4. Click on the API key to edit its access and permissions.

    Manage your API Keys permissions

  5. Adjust the settings according to your requirements, ensuring appropriate access levels and permissions are configured.

  6. Save the changes.

By following these steps, you'll have the necessary credentials and permissions set up to establish a connection with HR Works. Make sure to securely store your API credentials in Vault for establishing the connection.