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How to connect to HiBob

To create a connection with HiBob, you need to get an API token for your user by completing the following 3 steps.

Note: Your API token has the same access levels as your Bob user, so for example, if you're an administrator your token will have full access to all APIs, care should be taken. For that reason, API tokens are personal and shouldn't be passed out indiscriminately.

1. Click your profile picture

Click your profile picture, and then select API access.

HiBob integration Step 1

2. Click Generate token

HiBob integration Step 2

3. Select the correct scopes

HiBob integration Step 3

  1. To access the “employees” and read any of the data linked to the employees, the scope “Full employee read” is required.

  2. To retrieve the “departments” data, the scope “Employee fields read” is required.