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Creating an API access for CharlieHR


CharlieHR is an easy-to-use people platform for small businesses. It's one of the connectors available on our HRIS API.

This guide will walk you through the steps to create an API access for your CharlieHR integration:

Login to your admin account

After registering with CharlieHR, you will be able to log in with your admin account from this site.

Use your subdomain assigned by CharlieHR and your credentials.

CharlieHR login

Obtain your API credentials

From your dashboard, select the "Integrations" tab and then navigate to API Keys.

CharlieHR dashboard

💡 TIP: Copy the "Client ID" and the "Client secret". You will need them in one of the next steps.

Configure your Unify connection

In Vault, you can configure your account by adding you Client ID and Client secret received in the previous step step of this guide.

Save the settings and authorize the connector.

Apideck vault

Now you are done and the connection is ready to be used.